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Boost Products Intercooler 550-180-65mm

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Product Details

Universal fit intercooler from Boost Products.

Aluminum intercooler for the MX5 platform to help keep those intake temperatures cool on turbo and supercharged vehicles. Fully redesigned Fin-and-tube core to replace the older style Bar and Plate, this type if intercooler will provide a more effiecient cooling to the intake and previous models.

Designed as a universal intercooler, this unit fit perfectly in the MX5, using the standard dimensions for pipework and hoses.

Mounting points located at the top of the intercooler via 2 M8 points.

Overall: Dimensions: 694 x 180 x 65mm - Inlet/Outlet: 60mm

Core: Dimensions: 50 x 180 x 55mm

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