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CANchecked MFA 2.0 GEN 2 Display Mazda MX-5 NA

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52mm/2.0" bezel with 1.5" display shows OBD 2 values and up to 6 sensors simultaneously

Mazda MX-5 (NA) OLED multigauge for ECU with OBD 2.0 and up to 6 extra external sensors

The brand new second Generation (GEN 2) CANchecked displays offer:
  • WLAN Connect via smartphone allows configuration of display/widgets/sensors
  • Two side buttons directly on the display - no need to lay the cable and drill for the rotary knob
  • Swipe instead of touch tip
  • Improved grafics with better anti aliasing
  • The widgets are more precisely adjustable
  • New warning pop-up functions
  • 6 analog inputs instead of 4
  • Optional logging via smartphone
  • Freely definable Can Bus protocol (TRI files as with MFD28/32)
  • Can Bus Switching / Analog forwarding for certain control units
What is CANchecked? CANchecked displays, gauges, software and sensors enable the visual representation of important engine data, such as oil temperature, boost pressure, lambda, exhaust temperature etc.. This can be done either via Can Bus (depending on the ECU values) or via additional analog sensors.

The MFD 15 GEN 2 provides access to all data from the engine control unit. The sensors are queried by the CAN bus using the manufacturer-specific protocol. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed. The affordable display instrument for OBD 2 ECUs is equipped with an easy-to-read OLED screen, which offers best readability even in direct sunlight. Thanks to the 52mm diameter, it is compatible with many existing options. The MFD15 display comes together with a vehicle-specific bezel and thus fits into the interior like an original part. The ventilation remains intact through the slots. Operation is now by means of two newly fitted push buttons; a rotary knob is also available as an option. The retrofit display is suitable for all ECUs that output OBD 2 via Can-Bus or UDS. The display can also be fed with 6 values from external analog sensors. This also makes it possible to use it as a stand-alone multifunction display.

Key Features:

  • 1.5" inch OLED display with standard 52mm round instrument dimensions (like VDO displays)
  • Super slim design - only 12.5mm deep
  • Perfect integration into the vehicle interior thanks to adapter ring for dashboard ventilation panel
  • Up to 8 different display windows freely configurable via WLAN Connect and smartphone (CANchecked DSS display software and laptop still possible)
  • ECU values can be displayed (connection via OBD 2 socket (cable included)
  • Up to 64 sensors can be queried, query of sensors like manufacturer diagnostic tools
  • 6 analog inputs for 0-5V sensors (e.g. oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature (with adapter), boost pressure, ethanol sensor with surcharge licence)
  • Up to 6 sensors/values can be shown simultaneously in one window on the display
  • LED shift light/warning light integrated, LED shift light optional (CC2400)
  • Individual minimum, maximum and pop-up function when warning values are exceeded or fallen short of
  • Pop-up function when exceeding or falling below values
  • Can be operated via OBD2, UDS and analog sensors
  • Online log function
  • Performance Meter (measures e.g. the time from 100-200 km/h)
  • Adjustable screen brightness (dims automatically with vehicle displays)
  • 8 pages of free configuration
  • Up to 6 widgets per page
  • Various widgets (digital number, bar, speed, single pointer, log, tableswitch, picture (from SD card), number, circle display)
  • Widgets can be moved and resized by drag'n'drop
  • Depending on the widgets, colour adjustment is possible
Supported ECUs
  • All ECUs that have Can Bus, OBD 2 output via CAN Bus and partially UDS. The MFD15 is compatible with ISO 11898-2 and SAE J2284. A total of up to 64 sensors can be queried if the manufacturer supports this. Data available in broadcast as well as OBD2 queries via Can Bus (11bit/29bit) are implemented. Furthermore special protocols like UDS are available. If the desired ECU is not listed, please contact us. Included by default:
    • OBD2 – 11bit/29bit
    • Ecumaster Classic und Black
    • DTAfast
    • BMW E46 Can Bus
    • BMW E90 Can Bus
    • Haltech v2
    • Hondata
    • KMS van Kronenburg
    • LinkECU
    • MaxxECU
    • Motec M1
    • Emtron
    • Megasquirt 2 and 3
    • Syvecs
    • Trijekt
    • VW/AUDI PQ34/PQ35 u.ä.
    • Audi S1 (CJX)
    • Audi RS3/TT-RS (DAZA, DNWA/B/C)
    • VW UP GTI (DKRA/B/C/D)
Access to all data from the ECU:*
By default, we deliver pre-installed TRI files with the displays. All sensors that are queried are defined in TRI files.
  • Temperatures: Exhaust gas temperature, engine water temperature, oil temperature, intake temperature, outside temperature, fuel temperature, DSG temperature
  • Pressures: Boost pressure, ambient pressure, fuel pressure, pre-feed pump
  • Lambda / mixture: Lambda value, injection time, short-term lambda adjustment, longterm lambda adjustment
  • Driver dynamics: brake pressure, vehicle speed, throttle angle/gas pedal position
  • Other: engine speed, total ignition angle, gear, battery voltage, ignition angle reset per cylinder
  • Analog inputs: additional sensors can be added here: Oil temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, etc but also an ethanol sensor (Flex Fuel) and many more*
  • *It always varies from vehicle to vehicle, depending on what the engine ECU unit(s) outputs.
Performance Monitor
  • Measure your acceleration times in our performance widget - 0-100, 100-200, 0-200
Data Logging
  • Easy access to the log on demand and storage via online logging function.
Plug & Play Installation
  • CANchecked displays with vehicle-specific adapter rings are precision-manufactured and fit perfectly into your vehicle's interior without interfering with the functionality of your vehicle's ventilation system.
Expandable Functionality
  • 6 analog inputs allow monitoring of sensors and devices from other manufacturers. Future licenses under development will allow integration of e.g. ethanol fuel systems. Any sensors can be connected via the six analog inputs - CANchecked supports linear 0-5V as well as NTC sensors. Our offered sensors are mostly stored in the TRI files and only need to be connected.
    • CC22902 Temperature sensor for fluids
    • CC22901 Pressure sensor M10x1 0-10 Bar (145psi)
    • CC22900 Pressure sensor 0-5,5bar (80psi)
    • Generic Type-K converter 0-1250°C
Customizable Screens
  • Whether it's the individual start screen or the selection from a variety of different widgets. Make the display your display! A total of eight display pages can be customised.
Your Data, The Way You Want It!
  • CANchecked can display up to eight pages and has access to up to 64 sensors on your vehicle. Use the side buttons or the optional rotary knob to navigate between pages. Need more customization options? You can personalize your views on the MFD15 by customizing the graphics, sensors, and widgets with WLAN Connect functionality and your smartphone.
What's in the box:
  • CANchecked MFA15 GEN 2 display for Mazda MX-5 NA / NBFl
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Shift knob
  • Cable set
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