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CANchecked MFD28 GEN2

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CANchecked MFD28 GEN 2

GEN 2 displays up to 64 engine values on a multi function gauge

Works with every ECU with CAN bus, OBD 2 or analog sensors

CANchecked has launched a new GEN2 2.8 inch display generation with a capacitive touch on the market. The display shows up to 64 values and is suitable for all freely programmable control units with CAN bus and many with serial interface. In addition, it has an 8 GB SD card for logging while driving. All of the 10 display pages can be customized by the customer with widgets.

The brand new second Generation (GEN 2) CANchecked displays offer:

  • Improved grafics with better anti aliasing
  • Swipe instead of touch tip
  • The widgets are more precisely adjustable
  • New warning pop-up functions
What is CANchecked? CANchecked displays, gauges, softwares and sensors enables the visual display of important engine data, such as Lambda, oil temperature, boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature etc... This can be done either via CAN bus, or OBD 2 (depending on the ECU values) or via additional analog sensors. In addition, functions such as Haldex control (VAG Haldex first generation) and many more are currently in developing process for the GEN 2 displays.

Key Features:
- 2.8 inch capacitive touch display
- Shift light function
- Connection via CAN bus and serial interface
- *OBD 2 values can be displayed (for this a firmware update is necessary and available on the CANchecked website, adapter cable optional available, connect with OBD 2 port)
- 8 GB SD Card Memory
- Up to 10 freely configurable display pages
- Two digital and four analog inputs for 0 - 5V sensors (for example oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust temperature (with adapter) and boost pressure)
- CAN Bus switching
- Performance Meter (measures for example the time from 100-200 km/h)
- Individual minimum and maximum warning values
- Popup function when values exceed or fall below
- Screen brightness adjustable

- 10 pages to configure freely -Up to 17 widgets per page
- 10 different widgets (digital number, bar, speed, single pointer, log, Tableswitch, picture (from SD card), number, circle display, Haldex) - Widgets via Drag'n'Drop movable and resizable
- Depending on the widgets color adjustment possible

As an alternative, an online configurator is available. Here, the views can be created in advance and then copied to the SD card via the export function.

Performance Monitor
  • High speed CAN integration gives you access to up to 64 vehicle sensors that you can display in real time. Swap sensors on the fly using the 2.8" / 3.2" touchscreen and set up custom ranges and warning pop-ups using the DSS software.
Supported ECUs:
In general, all ECUs are supported which have a documented CAN bus or a serial interface. The latter is only possible with optional serial adapters. Most manufacturers deliver a "dbc" file, which is then converted into a .tri file for the display. This can also be done by the customer himself via the DSS (Display Setup Software) via the official CANchecked manufacturer website.

The following standalone engine units have already been implemented:
- trijekt (Premium, Bee, trigifant)
- MaxxECU
- Ecumaster EMU standard and Black
- Megasquirt 2 und 3
- k-data KDFI
- EFIgnition
- Microsquirt
- EcuMaster EMU (classic with Can-Bus adapter: EMU Black)
- AIM generic protocol
- LinkECU
- Haltech v2
- MME ECU481 with Can Bus
- SCS Delta GDI4 and Delta
- VAG (Audi / VW / Seat)
- Van kronenburg KMS MD35 (MP25 with CAN-Bus adapter)
- VEMS with serial adapter
If your ECU is not listed, please contact us

    Swipe down from any page to diagnose malfunctions on the fly. CANchecked can read, diagnose, and erase codes on engine, ABS, Transmission, ESP, TPMS and other systems.
Data Logging
  • Easy access to log on demand and save to the internal SD card.
Expandable Functionality
  • 4 Analog + 2 Digital inputs allow you to monitor third party sensors and devices. Future licences in development will unlock Haldex, Water Methanol, Ethanol Fueling integration.
Customizable Screens
  • CANchecked comes with six pre-loaded dashboards. A total of ten can be customized using the included software and library of widgets.
Your Data, The Way You Want It!
  • CANchecked can display up to ten pages and has access to 64 of your vehicle's sensors. Use the touch screen to navigate between each page and choose which sensor you want to display. Need more customization? You can personalize your views by changing the graphics, sensors andwidgets using the provided DSS software. We've pre-loaded some examples on your CANchecked Display to get you started.
CANchecked optional accessories:
  • A wide range of sensors, like oil- and water temperature, boost pressure, oil- and fuel pressure, etc...
  • Haldex license (for GEN 2 in developing process! And only for first Generation of Haldex, f.e. Golf IV 4-Motion, Audi S3 (8L)
  • Serial adapter (VEMS + Ecumaster without CAN)
  • Vehicle-specific integrations
What's in the box:
- CANchecked 2.8 inch display with shiftlight
- Cable set
- Fixing screws
- 8 GB micro SD card
- Micro SD Card Adpater
- Quickstart guide
- Connector A, connector B
- Display film
- 2x 1K1 pullup resistor (for NTC)

If available, installation manuals can be found on TurboZentrum or CANchecked website

The display can be custom configured via the website. The DSS (Display Setup Software) for the Can Bus protocol and for the widgets, whereby this can also be set via the touch display.
The temperature range of the display is -10°C to 70°C.
12V are required as a voltage supply, 5V or 24V are optional possible.

TurboZentrum offer CANchecked vehicle-specific displays for a lot of cars. These can be found in our online shop for a lot of different cars. Further covers on request.


Will the vehicle specific version displays heat up in the air vent?
No. The Displays are always protected against heat that’s flowing through the air vents.
Will the Air Vent still work with the display installed?
Yes it does. We’re always creating air vent solutions that still allow airflow passing by the display through special tunnels.
Can I change the appearance of the display, the units and scales?
Yes! With the different widget packs and the option to upload custom graphics you can completely individualize your display.
Can I use analogue inputs?
Yes there are 4 analogue inputs with the option to extend to more with our analogue connectors. So you can read Pressures, Temperatures, etc. We can also create complete packages for what you need!
What ECU Data can CANchecked Access?
By default, we deliver a prefabricated TRI file with your display. All sensors that are queried are defined here, f.e.:
  • Temperatures: Exhaust gas temperature, engine water temperature, oil temperature, intake temperature, outside temperature, fuel temperature, DSG temperature
  • Pressures: Boost pressure, ambient pressure, fuel pressure, pre-feed pump
  • Lambda / mixture: Lambda value, injection time, short-term lambda adjustment, longterm lambda adjustment
  • Miscellaneous: Speed, air mass (g / s), vehicle speed, throttle valve angle, total ignition angle, ignition angle reduction per cylinder, N75 pulse rate in%, terminal 30 voltage, oil level, torque, gear...
  • If values are missing, they can easily be added.
Can I change the look of the boost gauge graphics to match my car?
You can use the CANchecked Display Setup Software to upload your own graphics. They need to be in the following format:
  • Image Type: 24bit BMP file (R8 G8 B8)
  • Sizes: Background: 320 pixels X 240 pixels, Boost gauge: 240 pixels X 240 pixels, Tachometer: 160 pixels X 160 pixels
- Aperture 73x54,4mm
- Cover 87,5x58mm
- Depth 29mm

The display is also available with vehicle-specific brackets for the air vents. These can be found in our online shop for a lot of different cars. Further covers on request.

*OBD 2 values can be displayed (for this a firmware update is necessary and available on the CANchecked website, adapter cable optional available, connect with OBD 2 port)

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