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CANchecked MX5 NC MFD15 - OBD2

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CANchecked OBD 2 MFD15 for Mazda MX-5 (NC)

2.5" displays OBD 2 values and up to 6 values simultaneously

OLED Mazda MX-5 (NC) multigauge for ECU with OBD 2.0

Note: The OBD 2 function is only possible with this OBD 2 MFD15. A special software is installed which enables the reading of OBD 2 values. It is NOT possible to use it directly on CAN bus (CAN high and CAN low) as with the normal MFD15. The software would have to be reprogrammed for this purpose. Please take this into account when purchasing! This display is suitable for Mazda MX-5 (NC) ECU's with OBD 2, NOT for standalone ECU'S.

OBD Adapter wiring connection:
With the OBD cable (CC22720) terminal 15 (ignition plus) must be taken from another fuse (we recommend radio). A mini fuse adapter is included in the delivery.

With the CANchecked displays you have all relevant values in view.

The aim was to offer an affordable display instrument for OBD 2 ECUs. This display is equipped with an OLED screen, which offers the best readability even in direct sunlight. With the 52mm diameter, it is compatible with a lot of universal gauge holders or any existing options. The operation is carried out with the included rotary knob, which allows a precise work.

Key Features:
  • Standard 52mm round instrument (like a classic VDO gauge)
  • Adapter ring for dash board
  • 1.5 inch OLED display
  • 8 different display pages freely configurable
  • Choice of up to 33 sensors
  • Displays up to 6 sensors simultaneously
  • Connection via OBD 2 (adapter cable is included)
  • 4 analogue inputs for 0 - 5V sensors (eg oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature (with adapter) and boost pressure)
  • LED shift lamp/warning light included, optional shift light (CC2400) included
  • Individual minimum and maximum warning values
  • Popup function if the value exceeds or falls below values
  • Single value
  • 4-fold display
  • 6-fold display
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Single pointer
  • Double pointer
Supported ECUs:
In general, it is possible to support all ECUs that have a OBD 2 interface.

The following values can be displayed:*
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Engine load (Load)
  • Fuel pressure (FuelPressure)
  • Boost pressure (MAP)
  • Vehicle speed (Speed)
  • Ignition angle (IgnAng)
  • Intake temperature (IAT)
  • Air mass (MAF)
  • Oil temperature (OilTemp)
  • Fuel pressure relative to inlet vacuum (FuelRail)
  • Water temperature (CLT)
  • Lambda1-8
  • CatTemp Bank1 Sensor 1 (CatTemp1)
  • Cat temperature Bank1 Sensor 2 (CatTemp2)
  • Cat temperature Bank2 Sensor 1 (CatTemp3)
  • Cat temperature Bank2 Sensor 2 (CatTemp4)
  • Additional 4 analog inputs
*depends from vehicle to vehicle, which values the ECU sends out.

What's in the box:
- CANchecked 52mm round display
- Cable set
- Adapter ring

Installation manuals can be found on CANchecked website

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