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DaveFab Roll cage

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When you increase power, you should also increase your safety! To that end, we present the latest addition to the DaveFab range, our high tensile carbon manganese steel roll cage, designed to fit the MK1/MK2 MX-5

The T45 & PTG700 has a tensile strength between 700n/mm2 - 900n/mm2 where as some roll cages are made with cold drawn seamless carbon steel which has a tensile strength of approximately 480n/mm2, the minimum yeild strength (when metal starts to deform) of T45 & PTG700 (620N/mm2) is almost double that of its cold drawn seamless carbon steel counterparts.

Our roll cage is compatible with hard tops and soft tops with both glass and plastic rear window.


  • Comes with full fitting kit & instructions
  • Heavy duty PTG700 / T45 materials
  • High tensile strength
  • Textured black powdercoated finish
  • Easy to install
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