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DeatschWerks DW400 in tank fuel pump MX5 (NA/NB)

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DeatschWerks DW400

DeatschWerks fuel pumps need no introduction, if these pumps are good enough for professional drifters then they'll be perfect in the MX5/Miata.

DW400 series is an internal replacement for the stock MX5 pump, with an increased flow rate of 415LPH. DW400 is the highest flowing in-tank pump on the market and will support 1000hp (gas) and 750hp (e85).

Includes installation kit for specfic vehicle.

Please note:

  • The DW400 pump draws a larger current that the stock fuel system wriring can handle, thus a our optional wiring kit should be considered when purchasing.
  • The DW400 pump is larger physically than the OEM pump, you will need to make alterations to the mounting to fit.
  • DW400 doesnt contain an internal check valve, we recommend an in-line check valve installed for smoother starting.

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