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Knock Sensor kit

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Product Details

When upgrading your Miata\MX5 unlocking some power can come from increased ignition timing, this in itself can cause an issue called "Knock". Without addressing knock you increase the probability of damaging the engine, so with that in mind we have built a Knock sensor kit to help stop any issues.

Our Knock sensor kit comes plug and play for most ECU's like the ME221, with terminated connections that simply plug into your ECU. No cutting or splicing required.

Fit the knock sensor to the block of your Miata/MX5 and attaching to the ECU, this sensor kit can be setup to pull ignition timing should "knock" be detected.

Full instructions are included in the kit.

What's included:

Branded Knock Sensor

Pigtail wiring harness

Mounting hardware

ECU Connector (Optional)

Fitting instructions

Free sticker.

If running a GEN1 ME221 (Black board) make sure you have enough I/O ports free on the ECU to run the knock sensor.

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