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Lava T2 Turbo Blanket

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Product Details

Premium Turbo blanket for the T2 turbo family.

Designed to keep the turbo heat inside the housing and protect surrounding components from damage, also helping to extend the life of the turbocharger.

Lava Turbo blanket is made to perfectly fit the Garrett T25/T28 and GT25/GT28 family of turbos. The blanket also wont affect the wastegate linkages when installed.

Built from powdered lava stone, Calcium magnesium wool.

Also includes the stainless fixing rivets and wire closures.

Inner Temperature tolerances:

Maximum temperature load: 1260°C
Continuous temperature loading: 1000°C

Outer Surface:

Temperature limit of direct contact heat: 982°C
Temperature limit radiant heat: 1371°C

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