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MX5\Miata Coil on plug conversion (COPs) kit 1.8 NA\NB

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MX5 Coil on Plug Kit (Pre-wired)

Are you building a Turbo or Supercharged MX5, if so then our Coil over plug kit is for you!
This kit paired with a standalone ECU like ME221/ME442 or Megasquirt will enable you to run more boost without suffering from spark blow-out which tends to happen on the stock MX5 coil packs. You will also be able to run Sequential fire of the plugs, instead of the wasted spark setup usually ran. These kits are tried and tested on all of our forced induction MX5’s, ranging from 200 to 350BHP
All our kits are Tesa taped and insulated to protect the wiring and your rocker covers.

So what does our kit include (Choose from options):
Coil Pack mounting plate.

Associated mounting hardware

Wired Pig Tails for coil packs.

Ground eyelet for valve cover.

Installation Instructions.

Coils Used

Unlike most kit’s in the UK ours is pre-wired, all you will need to do is decide which fire-mode you want to run, and inform us when ordering.

All of our kits are Plug and Play, meaning all the hard works been done!

Our provided instructions will go through all fitting of the kit.

We do advise you run an aftermarket ECU that is able to run these types of coils, it is possible for the stock ECU to run them but you will need to reduce the dwell time. On aftermarket ECU’s be sure to lower your Dwell to 2.5ms at 12v.

NOTE: If vehicle is an NBFL, rocker cover needs to be modified to fit the Denso mounting plate.

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