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MX5 NA/NB 1.6 1.8 Oil Catch Can

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The stock MX5 breather system works well, and at low rpm and partial throttle conditions it pulls a vacuum to reduce crankcase windage. The downside to this factory solution is that it recirculates all of the oil vapours directly into the inlet manifold, this reduces the effective octane rating of your fuel and reduces the performance of your engine.

The DaveFab dedicated MX5 Catch Can is designed to fit perfectly in the engine bay and is supplied with 1.5m of hose and clips for a neat install. The internal baffle separates suspended oil vapours and allows them to be collected preventing oily intakes.

The Catch Can bolts to the existing mounting holes in place of the factory Charcoal Canister.

2x 10mm barbed inlet ports
1x outlet grommet to suit 14mm barbed adaptor for breather filter
1x drain plug
1x breather filter
2x M6 Stainless Steel Flanged Bolts
2x M6 Nyloc Nuts
Adjustable mounting bracket to fit Charcoal Canister location
One litre capacity
Oil level sight gauge
1.5m oil hose
4x hose spring clips
2x blanking caps
Laser profiled baffle is effective and eliminates the chance of steel wool or other baffle material entering the engine
Full TIG welded, CNC folded aluminium construction
Finished in a stealthy satin textured black powdercoat
Laser etched stainless steel DaveFab plaque
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