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MX5 R8 Coil on plug conversion (COPs) kit NA\NB\NBFL VVT PNP

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Finally a COPs kit for all models including VVT.

It's been a long time coming but we are happy to release our R8 based MX5 Coil on Plug Kit.

Are you building a Turbo or Supercharged MX5, if so then our coil on plug kit is for you!
This kit paired with a standalone ECU like ME221 Revision 2 or ME442 will enable you to run more boost without suffering from spark blow-out which tends to happen on the stock MX5 coil packs. You will also be able to run Sequential fire of the plugs, instead of the wasted spark setup usually ran when OE.
These kits are tried and tested on all of our forced induction MX5's, ranging from 350 to 450BHP
All our kits are insulated to protect the wiring and your rocker covers.
4x NEW COPs (Coil on Plug).
Wired Pig Tails for coil packs.

ECU Connector (ME221/ME442)

Ground eyelet for valve cover.
Break-out harness for ECU (needed to run sequential).
Installation Instructions.

Fully pre-wired kit for the MX5 including VVT models

We use NEW branded coil packs.

Please note you MUST be running either the ME221 Revision 2 (White board) or the ME442 ECU or MS3Pro PNP (MUST BE PRO).

LINK G3+ Owners:

Please make sure you ECU is able to run the R8 Coils, some version require modification by the ECU manufacturer

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