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Project81 MX5 Coil on plug conversion Kit - Plug and play (All Years)

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Project81 as it was known initially started to allow VVT owners to run a COP setup equal or superior to that of the R8 kit's whilst still retaining the early ME221 (GEN1) or Megasquirt ECU owners invested in.

Having an early ECU and/or VVT for instance means the ability to run COPs or Coil On Plug is limited to the Denso kit and modifications to your rocker cover, in our eyes this is not ideal.

So GFBDevelopments has been working in the background to produce our latest kit (Project81).

This kit fits ALL NANBNBFL MX5/Miata's without rocker cover modification, it also has NO aftermarket ECU restrictions. Meaning your old GEN1 ME221 or Megasquirt, Speeduino ECU's are fully compatible, and best of all you'll get sequential ignition (if you desire)! Project81 coils fit snug into the spark plug tubes for a very neat and OEM finish, they also sit lower than any other COPs kit on the market.

Please be aware Project81 requires a certain spark plug, standard NGK units will NOT work. We supply compatible plugs if needed, simply select your boost range.

Some early ME221 GEN1 owners receive NO TACH, if your car has this issue an extra Auto-Meter Tach Adapter 9117 will be required.

These are available via 3rd party retailers, please get in touch if you need a link to one.

The kit comprises of:

4 Denso pencil coils (used)

Plug and play harness

4 Spark plugs (Optional)

Voodoo Box.

Currently our kit has been running on a 426BHP MX5 with no spark blowout.

As with all of our kits, it comes with our 5* support and warranty plus installation instructions.

Due to demand, this kit is shipped 3-5 days after building.

Please be aware standard NGK spark plugs are NOT compatible with this kit

Please note coils are re-manufactured, some surface marks may be on the units. Each coil is tested prior to being placed with a kit, the marks do not affect the performance of the coil.

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