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GFBDev is changing

Don’t worry the same old silly stuff will get built.

It’s been a long ambition of mine to push GFBDevelopments a little more, with the overall comments the BoostedGT gets and requests for items to help people boost their car I have decided to offer my fabrication as a service. At the moment we will start off small as we have identified common issues that people having when going forced induction on MX5’s etc, these same issues I also came across when boosting the GT, our plan is to have some products that will sort most of these issues and for a very low cost.

Together with this we are going to start a fully documented Turbocharger install on a NA Miata in the next few months, this install will go down the well trodden route but we will be showing how cheap this can be done even with standalone ECU’s installed.  Not only this but all the work will be done in house with the products we will have on sale, this way you can see what we are using and what they achieve

All components used will be listed as well as locations to purchase, most of which will you will be able to get direct from us made to order!

More of this to come, please be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel for more information on things to come.


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