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More Go Kart Footage…

Well its been a while since any videos were made so i got some unseen Go Kart footage from last year and made another clip.. in it Leebo crashes it into some trees, only thing is was that he was quite a way away from the cam so look into the distance close when watching, in the first two minutes or so its there, (from 17s to 22s),  ‘NGFB‘ laughs so when you have seen that you know its happened.. in fact EVERYONE there at the time laughed.. its also the very last clip on the vid too..
(Sorry for quality, been having trouble ALL day yesterday with rendering) anyway, Enjoy!  New Video with slightly more footage now below!

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  1. Ghostfacewebmaster Ghostfacewebmaster

    Its the attitude of people in the end clip that’s surprising, Filming Bloody Brickwork!! 

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