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What is GFB Developments?

GFBlogo1GFB Developments… What is it?? Car garage? MOT station? Classic Car restorers?? NO, NO, and NO! GFB is a place in Ravenshead Nottingham where an old friend lives, Nathan Butler! Although with similar looks to “Pit-Bull” and a collector of retro/classic cars in a way Butler is an old friend of many other friends and vice versa! Normally on a sunday his place is often visited by these mates normally on the car subject, fixing problems, doing engine swaps, spraying panels or even sometimes whole cars, and when the weather is good and the equipment is rideable we get out the Go Kart to blast around the big garden!

Recently another Go Kart has been purchased and although it has teething problems here and there it makes for another good edition to its 30 odd year old predecessor “Old Faithful” as its come to be nicknamed lately.. Above is a recent video of the “Old Faithful” kart enjoying its new engine supplied by Lee Chamberlain in which he donated his old unused generator for use on the kart, thus doubling its recent old engines power..(Video on the GFB Developments page)

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