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A Different Path

It was all going so well, the GT passed its MOT and looks the TITS…..But it just needed more speed!
Getting too use to driving the 2.8 Capri I forgot that the B Series lump is a different breed (not saying that the Capri is fast, but its certainly faster than the GT).

So where are we now?
Well before I start on info about the GT, you need to hear about the Beetle………………..Are you sitting down? Good I’ll start!
Lee Finally pulled his finger out his ass or someone elses ass and started working on the thing, about time I hear! This car is just too good to let waste and the fact its taken up so much time and sat around before that it deserves to be on the road.

So for the past 2 Weekends work on this little beast has been full on, firstly the lowered spindles were fitted (We all expected to see this massive drop, but it looked the same LOL), and last weekend we tasked ourselves with a job thats supposed to be hard……..Sway Aways and Narrowed beams!

The rule for the weekend is like normal “Measure twice, cut once” and we had this down to a fine art, of course not wanting to foul up such an important bit of the car! However (There was bound to be one), the words “I’ll Just tack it then we can offer it up to make sure its correct” was repeated by myself over and over! but in true style I just relied on our superior abilities and welded the fudging thing up, to find the Sway Aways were the wrong way around DOH!!!!

Anyway that was sorted and it now welded up and ready for fitting, here are some pictures of said work:



So I mentioned the GT?
Well in true style GFBDev bought another car, yep but this one is to be used as a donor for the GT.
Ive always loved the MX5 and having driven them the powerplant is perfect, so is the car for that matter. So after thinking hard what unit to stick in the car “I” decided to go for the 1.8i Mk1 MX5 🙂

We picked up the car last week and considering how much I bought it for, shes an amazing motor. My intentions are to run around in the car for the next month (still T&T’d) to assess any issues on the lump, whilst getting the GT’s boat anchor our and prepping the Bay. This also gives us time to study the wiring diagrams on the MX5 and the car itself to figure out the wiring.




  1. Ghostfacewebmaster Ghostfacewebmaster

    Too much at once, One minute its the Beetle getting cut up, then its the MGB getting an engine ripped out.. Finish one then start the other!! 

    • The-boss The-boss

      The Beetle is still getting done, the engine removal is  2 man job the rest is just me until refit.  This gives Lee plenty of time to refit the Beetle front end

  2. Ghostfacewebmaster Ghostfacewebmaster

     So what is done at this time? and whats next??

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