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Back from the castle!

Hello Internet folk

So we are back from the Castle Retro Show and WOW!
I’m used to retro camping events, I’m also used to the knobs it’s started to attract in recent years so I went to this show thinking the same (queue drunk idiots in Mk2 Golfs driving around a camping field). This was not the case, the whole vibe was chilled and calm, no idiots and not pestering from staff (Apart from asking you to have a good time).

Now us GFB folk pride outselves on camping, we also like to “Out-Do” ourselves on each trip, which is getting pretty hard…….However with the inclusion of a HD projector we can consider that mission accomplished!

As usual we camped it up with good friends in some excellent motors, so life is good right now!
We were havin such a good time that I forgot to take photo’s so here are some I’ve found on the tinterweb.

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