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All about the Boost…….until it goes bang + YouTube

Afternoon people of the internet and those who can be bothered to look at this little site.

So where did I leave this? Ah yes MX5 engines in MGBGT’s…..who would have thought it hey.
It seems common place now, I know 5 cars with this conversion so no longer was the little black GT in a elite club :-(. So I needed to up my game, anyone who’s anyone knows this means FORCED INDUCTION (said with some silly voice really loud), and that’s exactly what I did…………………….DID!

Putting a charger on an MX5 is common practice, in fact it’s so common nobody would bat an eyelid.
However putting a charger on an BGT with an MX5 engine and making it widely known beforehand that you could do the install for less than £1000 does seems to make people sit up and take heed.

What you have to take into consideration is that no off the shelf components to mount the charger were bought (Above the ECU, belts and idlers). This is how you lower the cost massively, it also helps if you can weld and generally fabricate, so under 1k seems perfectly feasible..Yeah?

Well it was, the install DID cost £500 all in, that was until the charger got hungry and didn’t do what all Mothers tell us to do…..Chew your food before swallowing.
You can guess what happened next, NOM NOM NOM….Rattle, bang, bang, BANG!!! So as we stand I’m at £800 all in, that covers the cost of a new motor, new charger (ish)….as it stands the replacement engine is in and running NA, I need to wait for the charger to arrive before I can bolt it back on and be Boosting into the Sunset.

There is a silver lining I guess, the new motor meant we could improve the design and change some parts that I just was not that happy with (See Instagram feed on main page).
Anyway you are not bothered really, you just want to see images.

Doesn’t she look beautiful.
Edited B

In other news, we now have a YouTube channel so I will be uploading DashCam vids and general petrol based silliness so please check it out and subscribe/like.

First Video of the new engine in.

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