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Another year…another RRG

Afternoon people of the internet.

We another year of summer shows has passed….ok, ok, the Summer is not over but most shows have been and gone.
After blowing the last engine, then replacing it and then to find the Head gasket had gone I decided to just enjoy the car during the summer months. This did mean the Supercharger install was on hold for now, which is understandable!

GFB Developments have tried to attend most shows this year, Retro Kings @ Snetterton, Retro Show @ Santa Pod and Retro Rides Gathering to name a few.
The GT has also been used as a daily and even taken on a weeks holiday to Devon, it also performed faultlessly and took the 500 Mile round trip totally in it’s stride. It is of course why we put a modernish lump in it.

So as the summer draws to a close, the winter months kick in and I intend to use them to complete this Charger install once and for all!
I guess you are wondering about the other motors?? Well the Capri was MOT’d then parked back in the garage (A waste I know but the summer has been just too wet). The beetle…erm, Yeah it drove around the garden ONCE then broke down…But it’s a project and that is what happens when they stall I guess. The same can be said for the Austin, which decided it would not like to start a few months back, so she’s again on the back burner.

The Passat is still in daily use, as is the MX5 but this has changed a little…including being destroyed/swapped/rewired.
There is a new member to welcome to fold including a new motor, but more on this when we actually see it.


More later.

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