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Another year….

Well I bet you didn’t expect to hear from me??
To be honest most readers are on our Facebook page anyway, but for those that are not…Check this

YES!!! it’s on the road, it work! and WOW it’s amazing……Until it breaks, which of course it will.
I have noticed the lack of pictures and to be honest you have probably forgotten what I/We were doing with the little MG. Well that was installing the MX5 engine into it…remember? Well it was over a year ago.

So what else has been happening???
Last time I left you (Hanging I might add), just after the Capri had her freshen up…Well she is still fresh and stunning.
We had 2013’s Retro Rides Gathering…I don’t remember much but the bits I do remember were amazing.

As for Projects…
Do we consider the GT done, I suppose so for now and really I should spend the time on the little Austin or the Midget (Read Zetec 😉 ).
Both the Capri and GT are at a point where I want them for now, trouble is I cant drive them at the same time, which pains me. So really I should spend some time on the other fleet members really.

Humm I don’t have anything to add…I am sure it’s owner will be along to inform us of what may have happened.

Have some pictures.

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