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Where have we been….?

Well the short answer is nowhere… Lol

In truth though we have been busy little bees.  The MGB has been the main concern over the last few months, With The MX5 finally being weighed in and all the big jobs tackled the engine is in and running…. 🙂

This did take a fair bit of thinking about as we have had to fabricate all of the engine mounts from scratch and then make sure the engine and gearbox were sitting correctly.  The Car is looking so good at the minute with nods to the old BL days and the modern Jap influences sneak a look in too.

So What else is new?

The Beetle Finally got some much needed attention.  After being sat out of the garage all winter and ideas being bounced about since owning the car we took the plunge on Sunday and fired up the grinder!

So we’re going down the Hotrod route… A little nerve racking at first but I cant wait to get it finished..  With a few more chops of the grinder Nathan fired up the welder and we put some strength back into it and made up a new shelf to complete the boot area.

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