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Box Fresh#

Well summer is here, the Capri has been pimped at as many shows as I can get to…….With FRESH PAINT!!!





That’s just a selection to show you how nice its come out!
The Front end was in drastic need of paint since I bought the car in 2010, however I seemed to put it off and thus it got worse. Also with the sudden addiction to “Clean and Sleek” looking cars I decided enough was enough and got it booked in.

I have to shout out a big thanks to Paul Carlton Crash Repair who did all the bodywork and spraying….To say this paint looks like glass is an understatement, its really that good.

GFB Development highly recommend CCR, so any reader who would like their paintwork to be just as good send me a message on here and I will pass over the details.

Anyway I’m off to enjoy the Sun and a V6 rumble.

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