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Retro Mania

Another weekend…Another car show
This time we headed over to Telford for the Dubs mania/Retro Mania show…

If I’m honest I was a sceptic about this show, mainly due to the modern content and the types of people this attracts…I like cars, I hate trailer trash.

Have you ever noticed when you arrive at shows for camping your group cannot decide where to pitch? We this time was no different, apart from the fact our chosen place was the Show stand area…PERFECT!

The usual pitching tents, followed by the odd drink or 2………Sorry odd bottle or 3. Car banter obviously came with this, but other things that I won’t digress seem to happen…Trade stands do seem to be invisible after 2 bottles of Jaeger though (so does returning your tackle after toilet trips too I hear).

So on with the show, like usual I didn’t take any photos mainly because I’m shite and there are plenty of sites that have covered this. Instead I took some shots of our camping area, which was diverse to say the least 😉

Most of the GFB Mascot of course.

So what else do we have to report?

Well the Capri ended up having major surgery due to the previous numpty welding over nice fresh steel!!! However this was sorted and as a present to myself, I have booked it into the Paint shop for the frontend to be sorted :-). This should all be complete by the Retro-Show @ SantaPod, as you can see we are making it our mission to attend most of the camping shows this year.

Any other business?
Well yes and no….
The Little Austin finally gets it’s turn to be on the road, the old girl has been pushed back so many times but with the Capri going off the road I’ve booked some time for her.

The MGB GT is more of a Winter project as it’s in my garage, plus I really want to sort the Austin first.

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