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Early weekend? yea right!

Well while most of you were busy at work, or posting clips from Youtube! Nathan and me were busy swearing at Edens Golf!  Yep the second newish VW arrives at GFb and causes more than a few headaches.  Its currently sat on axle stands awaiting new ball joints and track rod ends!  It may only have come in for a new set of coilovers, But will leave with a front end rebuild!

The rear offside spring had collapsed and badly needed replacing,  Must admit I’m still a little shocked at the state of the eibach kit.  Anyway a new set of JOM coilovers were sourced and the backs went on with little trouble.  The fronts though not so well.  Ended up removing the whole hub to get the strutt out!  Good job were not affraid of some hard work up at GFB.  And Eden did muck in  and kept us supplied in cups of tea, which was made even better when Nathan got the camp stove out and made us bacon sarnies!!! 🙂


So thats this weekends plans, Get this all bolted up and done and it has lead to the introduction of a new rule up at GFB.





Well there isn’t really any! but i have been and purchased a new rear wing and running board mount! So the parts pile is growing slowly!  Were still looking for ideas for this little project so if you have any please comment and let us know! who knows you may get to see them happen!


And now off to do some work! 🙁 catch you all later!


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