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All go @ GFB Towers

Afternoon internet folk!

I would have thought one of the others may have updated about the weekends activities. The Corsa was sprayed in a fine shade of “Tipex” white with minimal of issues, to be honest it was probably too cold overnight for it to cure properly but its done and looks amazing (did I just say that about a Corsa, I must be coming down with something 😉 ).

Anyway this leaves a nice open space in the Workshop for the Beetle (So where is it I hear you ask, TBH I dont know). Once this arrives the updates will come in thick and fast however for now have a picture of the Midget.

Because I put it back on the ground and saw it like this the juices have started flowing for mods etc, I’ll keep them to myself for now but think 70s custom ;).

As on Monday (just gone) the little Austin is MOT ready, this has been booked for Sat morning. I fully expect it to fail but we have done 99% of the work required it will just be something hidden it did not think about…

Anyway I must sign off now and dream of screaming Pinto engines (Its Thursday afterall).



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