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Easter Weekender + updates

Good afternoon fellow internet people.

Now that April is in full swing this can only mean 1 thing, show season is around the corner!!! EEEEEKKK.

GFB Developments has been around longer than I have but its only in the past year that I/We have wanted to make what we do known. With this in mind this year see’s us being “out there” when it comes to shows and our current completed (If you can ever call them that) Projects. Also because of this we are going full steam ahead with branding so people know who’s motors they are looking at, this includes stickers and clothing of course, however we wont loose what GFB Dev is “A few mates having some fun with a Welder and anything powered by an engine”.

So what has NGFB been up to since we last heard from him……???

Well the beetle has been the main focus, we needed to get this thing sprayed ASAP as its holding up it progression to roadworthyness also the backlog of motors was getting a little silly.
As you have seen in the previous posts the Beetle was laid down in a rather white colour, in fact its a Vauxhall Polar white I think! My first thoughts were “NO WAY” it just wont work at all, but after I laid down the second cover coat my mind was soon changed, with a little black thrown in there that motor is going to look amazing. At the moment it still sits in the same position as it did from the photos, as we wanted it to “Cure” before starting the colour sand, however Leebo has some decisions to make for the overall outcome, Myself?? Id have subtle race theme/Oval racer look….Few stickers, Black rims with think black rubber and white tyre lettering JOB DONE…But who knows. You’ll find out when I do I suppose.

OK up next, remember I have issues when it comes to MG’s espically unloved MG’s and namly that patchwork one?? Well it finally go its day!!! While the garage was all covered up for spraying the beetle it would have been silly to not use this time and get the Midget sorted. I was going to use a Padgent blue but decided a little French blue and Im glad I took that decision because it looks amazing!, There are some progression shots in the previous post and I will post some more once the paint has Cured and ive had chance to Colour sand and compound.

See you soon.


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