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Pictures!”!!!….Ahh and I have issues :(

Good morning!

I know I promised photos along time ago etc but its been busy times at GFB so thats why there have been a distinct lack of updates. Sorry about that!

Anyway I’ll let the pictures do the talking, also there is a suprise at the bottom 😉

Arrival into the Workshop.


Removal of the wing to see how much welding was needed

Parts list

Engine now running after 5 years stood

We knew the heater channels on the drivers side were gone so after the engine was sorted we got on with this task! Now I’ve restored lots of cars over the years but none of them in the VW circle, I have to say Im amazed! VW beetle Patten parts actually FIT!!! wish BMH could sort their shit out and do the same.

Side brace

Thats about it for the beetle, we have done more but no pictures as of yet. The heater channnel is in and Ive welded it to the shell, the rear quarter is on and filled and so is the rear wing support. We did find holes in the front spare wheel well but theses have been nipped up, A few small holes under the front screen and the bonnet and its about there for welding. (Good as im sick of the burn holes in my SKIN :))

^ Thats not skin

Next up! As said my Eric Banner (in a aussy accent) “My Beast!!!” The Capri 😉
Have I said how much I love this car, the amount of attention it gets is unreal. Well I decided to take it to work a few weeks ago which is nothing unusal but upon returning home it decided brakes (OK Capri brakes are questionable) were not part of this trip. Yep no brakes, it seemed like the master cylinder had finally given up 🙁 I managed to coax it home and then began a search for a new cylinder, this was going to be an issue has the capri has the ATE cylinder which we could no longer find. Leebo ordered what felt like 900000000000 Different cylinders but none were sutible so I decided to chuck £25 at a rebuild kit and hope for the best…………………………………………IT WORKED, thats 2 this year (Austin needed one too).
On with some boring photos.

The beast all sorted

Thought I’d include a pick of the GT just because!

Ahh and GFB would be nothing without our resident theif and also our best mate, Bailey the dog (he’s even in the logo). Yep in the time the Beetle has been at GFB he’s tried and successfully stolen most of the important engine parts :). Ahh and Ive finally found my trusty 1/4″ drive wrench, he had it hahahah. I do love him though and GFB week nights and weekends would not be the same without him nosing around at what we are doing. Happy Birthday BaileyBob! XX

They say the first step to sorting a problem is to admit you have a problem.. Yeah.
OK I have a problem, My problem is with old motors and even more precise old MG’s. I dont know what it is about them but I cant help myself, so here we are…………………………Yep another one.
Actaully I Lie the reason I love MG’s is probably Mr GFB himself, my father as he had one and used to show me photos as a kid so it all started from him.
Collected this last night from Barnsley, fully working just needs a respray and bumpers refitting (probably other stuff but I’ll keep telling myself thats all thats needed). Drives better than any Midget I’ve tried and I’ve had a few, its been converted to single SU which I thought would make it sluggish but its actually pepped it up and I think given the 1500 Trummy unit better MPG and just as good performance.

Anyone reading this thinking “I’d love an MG Midget but I’m too tall” think again, Im 6 foot and there is plenty of room, also its probably the only soft top classic that has perfect heating capabilities as I was literally sweating on the drive back.


As Leebo has said in the previous post, we now have streaming capabilities so you can watch the restorations and general ongoing workings of the GFB cars (also the fooling around). We are also going to add a comments or guest section for this just in case you want to ask any questions etc.

Much love


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