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Return of the Corsa! Part 2!

On trying to meet Butler’s deadline of saturday the Corsa was again covered in old newspaper and masking tape!
Finally the passenger side is primed, also re-filled here and there and tomorrow will see some 1500 wet & dry paper heading to the grey surface.. apart from that the front bumper is to be replaced, a new one is already waiting and needs some more plastic primer.. maybe a job for the week after as its loads faster to just do the bumper isnt it!!
Unfourtantely a banging has started on the car as of yesterday and today got slightly worse, it seems the exhaust may have slightly moved over a period of time and now and again vibrates against the sides of its allocated space! Bloody Typical! An easy fix though hopefully! (UPDATE: Middle box pipe that connects to back box has split near the join).

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