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Return of the Corsa!

Its not easy having the nicest car at GFB..Faster than the Capri 2.8… Better than a polo or Land Rover Freelander!!! So it has to look good too.. This weekend see’s the Corsa finally getting the rest of its paint job done, in the past the boot lid and back bumper were sprayed first with nice results, followed by the Front bumper, Bonnet, Wings and Arch pieces.. Now its time for the sides.. as of today one side is ready and the passenger side is next.. the most tedious bit of the job is the masking.. time consuming and a pain in the arse sometimes.. its only when i see the paint going on that i know its worth it..

The miracle of all this is that NGFB’s MG Midget is coming out of the garage to make more room for future jobs, and thats like chopping off his manhood and putting it in a freezer for a while.. (It just doesnt happen)… the midget holds a hell of a lot of memories for Butler (NGFB) and its a car he wont ever get rid of, same with his MGB GT.. and now his Capri.. anyway, enough of the internet posting.. im off to de-mask the car, as its has to have primer flattened down and tomorrow the passenger side last bits filled and then primed.. One thing i DO know is that there will be a sarcy comment or two on this post! If not then it will be said at the weekend!! lol

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  1. NathanButler NathanButler

    Good lad.

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