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Posts tagged as “Future Projects”

WebCam Notice.

Just for the Record here.. After venturing to GFB today for a short while i notified “NGFB” that the Camera hasnt been working for a…

The Beetle Arrives!!

Well today we finally said Goodbye to bad CRAP!!! Pug 306 gone to Sims Metal! I filmed the Big Claw picking it up and then moving it to one side..

Anyway, a few pics were taken before and after its arrival at GFB.. i gave it a wash and due to the mildew and god knows what else on it this was the longest car wash ive ever done.
Pictures in the Gallery from Today!

All go @ GFB Towers

Afternoon internet folk! I would have thought one of the others may have updated about the weekends activities. The Corsa was sprayed in a fine…


I’ve had messages from a few people asking for an update (Is the Corsa not enough for you guys?). Anyway I will start by apologizing…

Excited much?

Well after a brilliant Saturday morning, Well done little Crapi, and a little sneaky peak at the new project we decided I really needed to…