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Excited much?

Well after a brilliant Saturday morning, Well done little Crapi, and a little sneaky peak at the new project we decided I really needed to pull my finger out and start sorting things out.  So with the large list of things to getting bigger and bigger,   I settled down on the old laptop.  So

Logbook sent off? CHECK!

Reg transfer sent off? CHECK!

Ebay listing for peugeot? …….


Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

Anyway.  I cant really put into words how excited I’m starting to get.  The peugeot really had a hard life before we got it back to GFb and we decided it really was too far gone and well really not cool or retro enough!

Hopefully by the time you read this Nathan will have pulled his fingers out and uploaded a few pics of the task ahead!  I really cant wait to get started and spend a few pennies.  If anyone has any ideas for the new project we’d love to hear them.

Lots of love


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