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Beetle Crisis……………..Thankyou!

Hopefully it wont turn out as Average as said one!!

I present to you “The BUG”, as for details I dont actually have any apart from it being a 1300 and it being off the road for 5 years.
Like I said in the previous update and whats been mentioned, this motor is actually Leebo’s but like all projects at GFB dev (And we have alot of them 😉 ) its a team effort so all of us will be mucking in where we can.

Anyway on with the pictures, Ill let them do the talking:

The question was asked “is it doable”, in relation to other restorations I’ve done/doing or been involved in this one seems simple so yes it is!

Logistics, the plan is to put the Midget on its wheels and store this outside under cover, of course any bare metal will be painted in Zinc primer and mechanicals will be prepped for a short outdoor storage time span. This means the Beetle will be in the workshop for the winter months and means we can crack on with it without freezing up ;).

So there we go the beetle is now out to the masses!

In other news I would like to thank our viewers, we had the site stats come in last night and I was shocked at the traffic we have generated so please comment on the pages your viewing with anything related you like, also tell your friends about us!

Much Love!!!

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