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Hello from over here……

Winters Setting in, most of the cars shows have been and gone, tax is expiring………………………..Dont be glum look back (Not in anger) but in happiness…

Yes folks its been a good and bad year at GFBdev, we had success on our first stand @ Retro Rides Gathering, and an amazing time to boot!!!
The Beetle got sprayed and is 90% there…….
The Capri decided to Launch its diff, but a rebuilt item was found just in time for the summer shows.

So Winter…The Capri is officially off the road, I dont like using it in wet weather and the fact being a ford RUST is not an optional extra but a added feature :(.
I hear you ask “So whats the plan for the long cold months (Feels like years TBH), well my Idea was to sling the GT in for a MOT so I at least have a Retro to roll in. Rust and Wet dont bother me so much with this as the car is so well waxoiled (note oil leaks too) that it should be fine, also the front end paint work is Shite to say the least.

However “Plans” are always ruined (not by a spotty fat ginger kid this time), but by a blown head gasket well thats what we thought. The cars only been driven in and out the garage over the last 2 years since being taken off the road, and I think the head actually came loose GULP… So Ive ordered the bits to freshen the top end up and will perform a little “OldSchool” Mods on it whilst its off.

Apart from that I have nothing else to report, Im still waiting on Leebo to get the window rubbers for the beetle so she can at least see daylight. Once thats out of the Garage the Austin needs to come back in as the brakes seem to have seized :-(.
Ill get some photos uploaded from the past year to show you people.

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