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Howdy…..Where have you been

Ok let me start by saying sorry for the lack of updates, generally life got in the way a little of big things happening @ GFB Towers.

Saying that we are working towards the Retro Rides Gathering…a full weekend of amazing cars and amazing people. If you’ve never been then I suggest you look it up and try to get there!!!

So whats been going on in the last few months….

Well the Midget was sold, sad to see it go but she was never a keeper anyway. The Capri which will be this years show season car of choice for me (NGFB) has basically had a yog full of cash thrown at it. First off a Suspension rebuild of the front, nothing special just Poly Bushes and new TCA’s etc, I was getting increasingly worried about the state of the suspension and its part of the car “We” have not touched. So to be on the safe Side I replaced it all!!

Also she’s had a new rebuild Diff fitted as the old one was getting a little past it to be honest, it has transformed the cars driveability however now its silent I can hear other grumbles and noises….

The Beetle is pretty much in the same point it was last time we updated the blog…Reason why you ask???? Just life getting in the way and money I suppose. She just need a new rear screen and some Window rubber, so I’m doing my best to Keep Leebo’s interest on this car as she will look amazing once done (and its not much to do). SO COME ON LEEBO GET YOUR WALLET OUT AND ORDER THE BITS!! 🙂

The Austin….Same as really, Ive just not had the time to get her to the MOT center however once the beetle is water proof she’s taking pride of place in the garage for finishing off. I want this to be my winter Retro as it would be perfect for them cold days as the Heater is simply amazing!!

MGBGT……This car is always in my mind and the things I want to do, next year she will be out in a slightly different guise thats all Im saying at this point as I want it to be a little suprise.

Midget (Red one)…..Still sitting under the tarp, again this await the water proofing of the Beetle so she can go back in the garage and have the rear end rebuilt.

Passat….Leebos daily, being VAG its running perfect…Still not fitted his new wheels though.

Corsa….. No idea, its Wag’s daily so I guess its working fine like the Passat.
No photos of anything really, but in 7 days its the Gathering so you will see alot of new photos added then!!!

In other news GFBDEVELOPMENTS.CO.UK have their own stand @ the Gathering, so if you see us come over and say hello. You cant miss us as we have all the clothing too 😉

Much love NGFB

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