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Hopes and dreams…. the story so far

Well afternoon ye internet folk NGFB here.

First off sorry for the lack of updates in the new year, this which has been covered previously is because our social Calender since January has gone into over drive (For some reason people keep inviting the GFB fold out…..Im sure they will get sick of us soon 🙂 ). Anyway this does not mean nothings been done, it just means its a slower production (Hey it winter even we slow down).

So lets start with a few updates ( Sorry pictures will follow this evening).


This motor has had the most attention over the the past weeks and so it should I suppose. Basically the welding is finally done, this actually makes me joyous as it means the welding burns can heal up :). In fact the wings have been sprayed last weekend and are ready to be fitted (need a rivnut gun), the rest of the body is still being filled/sanded/filled/sanded… get the idea but its getting there.

With the sale of the Retro rides show tickets being announced this has spurred us on as we are hoping this will be its big show of the year. Also the fact Im trying to rope mates into driving my other retro motors down there so GFBDev can have its own stand.

The Midget (The new one)

Waiting in the wings is all I can say, the car is drivable, taxed and insured. She is used on the odd occasion but is waiting for the Beetle to be at respray stage so I can lay the new coats down on her. To be honest this car needs nothing, I bought it knowing this so apart from a respray she is good to go.


Poor austin, I do look at the car everyday it seems it was in the front of the queue and then others jumped in. Ive set the target of this year and to get my juices flowing I have done some checks on the little beaut. As usual 1 crank of the engine and she spurts into life, its like shes screaming to be tearing up the tarmac again (Did I say tearing, I meant tickling).


Well because Im women and dont fancy being in an accident this time of year the capri is off the road, yep I know its fun for some sideways action and all that but this motor is so clean I dont want to damage it at all. At the moment its covered up, awaiting April when she comes back out to play 🙂


Ahh well what can I say, she’s been off the road 2 years this August but Im not planning on having it off the road. Like Ive said before I want to do something new to this car and everytime I think of anything its over shadowed by the word engine. So basically Im just going to bite the bullet and install a new better powerplant not MX5 though or V8 etc etc. Im keeping it under wraps at the moment so stay tuned.

Red Midget

Erm under a cover awaiting some time. Again I want to do something extra special on this as Ive said before so just wait and see.

New Motors:

Leebo being Leebo he needs a new motor every 2 months or so 🙂
He decided fuel was not expensive enough and bought a tree killing Passat VR6. An amazing motor, fast, comfy and down right shocking on the fuel bills. Apart from some coliovers and new rims this car is done, the Coilovers are already fitted and the rims currently reside in my Garage toilet 🙂 they look amazing though.

Please await images of the updates.


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    What about the Web cam page Mr Butler??? 

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