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Latest Happenings at GFB..

Well sadly due to partying and booze and Christmas and New Year not a hell of a lot has been done, The beetle still has small bits being added to the parts list and they are all sat waiting to go on, last i was told was the Beetle only had one last bit of welding left, at the bottom of the inner rear arch, the small plate is cut out and just needs adding to the car!

As for other cars, the Capri and Midget are both covered over, Capri back in later Spring, and Midget no doubt back in the garage when the beetle is out of it, the Blue Midget is awaiting its paint which will probably be later this year or even next year, who knows.. only “NGFB” does really… The old Austin sits patient as usual with some Zinc Primer patches on the roof, GFB will be attending to its bodywork when the time is right..

Corsa, well its hardly used at this time but still runs as good as ever, Orange side repeater bulbs have been replaced, but apart from that the weather needs to warm up before anything else happens.

Lee has picked up another car now, he has the Beetle in the garage and a Freelander to roam about in normally but last weekend saw him purchase a nice buy from a mate he got his green POLO off.. He now has a VR6 Passat B4 in his possession, on looks its quite plain, in need of a small touch up on some paint and Lacquer, the colour is a dark Red Metallic with a Black roof, it sits low too, all it really needs is a nice set of wheels. Engine is fast too and sounds nice.

Well thats all i can add for now, more as it comes i suppose..
NOTE: Webcam/s , NGFB has said a new PAGE on here is wanted for two webcams, as one isnt enough to see different views all the time, it always has to be moved.. we will see what he comes up with to make viewing better, a newer camera has been given to him by Eden, so when NGFB gets them where he wants them the camera link will lead to a new page with cameras viewable all going well!

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