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WebCam Notice.

Just for the Record here.. After venturing to GFB today for a short while i notified “NGFB” that the Camera hasnt been working for a short while, he looked into it and remembered that the software needs re-installing on the DNS,,, ?? Bloody confusing to me.. not networked much with webcams myself, on another note the Beetle is in a sorry state to view but coming along in progression states, more filling to be done as the first coat of primer reveals small imperfections, but its still at the stage of being sorted anyway, its not as if its had a colour added and then found out it has to be resprayed again.
Well, thats all i have for now, hopefully we will have a seperate page soon for the webcams.. just waiting on Butler to sort the software. When it does go back on the Camera will more than likely be on to view on a weekend, or just a Sunday. Only time will tell. One thing though, its not as if there is a shortage of cars up there! Plenty still in the queue!

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