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Winter feeling :(

OK OK I know Mr weather man has told us about the heat wave, but I cant help feeling that the Summer is long gone and we will soon be knee high in snow (YES PLEASE I OWN A CAPRI) and my toes will be cold. Also as we all know as soon as it gets cold something in the depths of our retro motors will go wrong, thus making us crawl under them :(. All part of the love I suppose.

Anyway this week my brain has been dotting around the interweb thinking of MG Midgets…………………………..Yes Yes I already own on and Im not about to go buy another. The reason I’m thinking about them is because I touched the Midget for the first time in 3 years at the weekend and the love/hankering started to flow, and so it should I’ve owned that car for 14 years and its given me so many fond memories.

So what am I thinking about doing?????

ENGINE.. ENGINE.. ENGINE! Baby however nothing silly just a subtle upgrade and something done on the cheap and simple. The original 1500cc plant is worth selling on as its a recon unit with about 2k miles on it, this would fund wait for it…………………………………………………….A PINTO ;).

I fully expect to be flammed for this but hold on, have you guys not seen what the Ford boys are doing with these engines (Drift championship winners too). Its easy power at an affordable cost, I know there are newer motors out there like the Zetec etc etc but this would need the least amount of wiring (a plus point) and only a bit of welding. The issues come with the gearbox, the Type 9 is quite a bit larger than the Marina box that the 1500 was shipped with but I’m sure GFB Dev can come up trumps with the task.

This project is going in the list and probably wont be done for a while (Remember I do have a Austin 1300 to complete and Leebo’s Bug is about to turn up, plus the fact a respray of Tipextastic corsa is needed before the weather takes a dip.

Well thats Nathan Signing out!


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  1. Leebo Leebo

    “Tipextastic corsa”  Quote of the year!!! pmsl

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